Mango & Chicken Summer Salad

This is my favourite summer salad!! Itʼs filling, fresh and delicious!! What you’ll need: Salad 2 ripe mangos 500g of boiled chicken breast (if you’re poor on time you can buy a bbq chicken and shred it up) 3 full cups of spinach leaves 1 avocado diced 6 stems of asparagus chopped into 2cm pieces 1…

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Avocado & Greens Salad

This salad is great as an addition to any meal or on it’s own for a light lunch. What you’ll need: Salad 2 avocados diced 2 large broccoli heads, chopped into small florets 2 large handfuls of green beans (ends cut off) 5 asparagus stems chopped into 2cm pieces 1 good handful of chopped coriander…

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