I thought I would share with you something that I have found helpful the last few years in my self and in my teaching. Even if this is not applicable to you right now I thought it might help you at some point in time in your teaching career and itʼs something I wish I would have thought more about in my earlier years of teaching.

Teaching is a constant journey and some days/ weeks are great and others can be a real struggle. You are not alone if you feel like this but I think itʼs all about how we pull through that and still teach the best we can on those tough days or weeks. I have personally struggled with motivation over the years in my teaching and this is what has helped pull me out of that.

For me instead of looking for more repertoire that might fill my head with more noise and overwhelm me I have looked to my clients for motivation and purpose as at the end of the day thatʼs why we do what we do…right? Shifting my focus back to my clients and their Pilates focus helps change my mindset from feeling unmotivated to letʼs do this!

Before I start teaching I spend a few minutes reminding myself how grateful I am that I and you have so many people who CHOOSE to do Pilates with me (you) every week! WHEN YOU THINK OF IT LIKE THAT IT’S PRETTY ICREDIBLE! The fact that people choose to put their trust in us to help them build confidence in themselves, build strength in their bodyʼs, challenge their mindset, rehabilitate injuries and so much more is pretty amazing and not something we should ever take for granted.

This brings me back to the reason of WHY we do what we do and WHY that particular client started pilates and I am immediately again so grateful for each person that walks through the door and it boosts my teaching motivation & spirits as it shifts the focus away from me and my feeling of lack of motivation and focuses me back to the client. Which is absolutely where the focus should be. Sometimes itʼs easy to get caught up in your teaching but then I remember there is no I in Teacher.
The only thing I as the Teacher can hope for is that I have done my job to the best I could that day and my client walks out the door feeling empowered in their body and clearer in their mind and spreads the message that everyone should do Pilates because of how great they feel!

Iʼm not sure if this will help any of you right now but there may be a day or a week where motivation is low and you can come back to this and choose to be grateful for each person who comes to your class and remember you are someone who inspires others to live a healthier happier life! (even if you donʼt feel like that at the time.)

You are all Amazing Teachers with so much to offer so keep your Pilates light shining bright

These are just my own discoveries over the years as I head into my 16th year of teaching!


Lots of love

Sara x

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